Happy Birthday Tucker Train Depot!

125 years ago today on April 24, 1892, the first train steamed into the new “Tucker” train station. Here’s an early photo of the Depot on Railroad Avenue and another taken this year by Mikel Yeakle.

This small 125-year-old building once served as a gateway to the community. Today it stands as a reminder of the strength and work ethic of our predecessors. We are fortunate to have this physical link to our past in the heart of Tucker. Thank you, CSX and happy birthday Tucker depot!

“Emory Tucker Road”

The link between Tucker and Emory University has been in place for well over a century and today scores of Emory, Children’s Health Care of Atlanta, and CDC employees call the City of Tucker home.

Most commuters know there are several routes from Tucker into the Clifton Corridor, but roughly ninety years ago there was one direct course. A first class road called “Emory Tucker Road.” Today the road is known by a different name – Lavista.

Source: https://tinyurl.com/EmoryTuckerRoad

A View of Northlake Then and Now

Long before Aldi, Mellow Mushroom, Publix, or the Mall came to town, the area known today as Northlake was primarily pasture and trees. In 1960 less than 100 residential homes occupied what has become a thriving commercial district.

The completion of I-285 in 1969, with three exists leading drivers through Tucker, changed the community forever. The opening of Northlake Mall in 1971, including a Davidsons, JCPenney, and Sears, cemented the idea that retail was here to stay. No longer would residents be dependent on mail order, trips to department stores downtown, or even a drive to nearby North DeKalb Mall (Opened in 1965).

Much has changed, yet much remains the same. Lavista, Briarcliff, Henderson Mill, Weems, Montreal, and Randolph Roads are visible on both the photograph from 1960 and a more recent image from 2015.