Cofer General Store Fire (1948)

This is a dvd version of the original film footage taken on August 27, 1948. It covers about 8 minutes of the terrible fire of Cofer Bros. On Tuesday October 13, 2015, several Cofer family members and guests crowded into the Cofer Bros. conference room to see this preserved and fragile piece of history revealed.

The owner of the film, Mr. Mackie Waters shared his memories during the presentation. He says his brother was visiting the family at that time and when they heard that there was something happening on Main Street, he grabbed his movie camera and they became witnesses to the firefighting efforts to save the building.

The Cofer family suffered the loss of their business, damages of at least $250,000 and a friend also lost his life during the fire, but with support of the people of Tucker and the support of Cofer Bros long standing relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, they rebuilt the store.

Special thanks to Charlie Cofer for helping to transfer the old footage into a dvd with nice clear images of the event.